When it comes to Retail businesses we have it covered. Our retail solutions include features such as Gift Vouchers, Lay-Bys, Credit Notes, Customer Loyalty, Label Printing and more. You can also connect your Eftpos terminal; integrate Barcode Scanners, Customer Advertising Displays and Stock Taking devices to provide your business with a complete solution.

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Credit Notes

Credit Notes are used for the returning of goods into your store, but instead of giving them back the tender they purchased with, you give them a Credit Note to the value of those goods in your store. It acts like a Gift Voucher in that it cannot be redeemed for cash, and must be spent in your store. Credit notes can be redeemed at any store if your POS terminals are connected over a VPN Internet Connection. You can also set the validity period and pre-program up to 10 reasons why the customer has been issued with a Credit Note.

Gift Vouchers

Vouchers can be sold and redeemed at a later date that you can decide. Gift vouchers enable you to keep track of purchased vouchers in case of loss or theft. Gift vouchers can be linked to your custom stationary, gift cards or you can print the voucher out of the receipt printer.

All Gift Vouchers are tracked and monitored through your POS, making it easy to replace a lost Gift Voucher. Each time a Gift Voucher is used, the amount of the sale will be deducted from the original voucher, and a new voucher will be printed with the remaining balance.


Layby’s are used to give the customer a specified time period to pay a purchase off, before taking the goods home. The customer can make a deposit on the item, which will then be held in storage by the retailer until the goods have been totally paid off, or the customer cancels the layby. Layby’s are most commonly used in the retail sector for goods that do not perish. You have the ability of setting the length of time customers can leave an item on Layby, and also how much deposit is required. When items are put on Layby, the stock level for that item is reduced, and you can see which items are held in stock for sale, and which items are held in stock on Layby.

Barcode Scanning

Barcodes are used for the fast entry of stock items using a barcode scanner or for Stocktake with the use of a PDE. Scanning can also be used with Customers for Bar Tabs, Accounts and Memberships. They are also available for use on Clerks, Gift Vouchers, Credit Notes, Receipts and Labels Prints.


With our systems you can create labels that can be printed out onto various mediums for use with barcode scanners. Stock Items can be printed using our labels, and Customers labels can be printed using other formats, most commonly using Avery Design Pro. Labels can be printed to default or selected A4 printers, or printed to a continuous label printer.

Customer Display Screen

The Customer Display has a modern look with many features and functionalities. There are three resolutions that can be programmed, and there are a number of different configurations as well as a preview example. Some of the features include – High Resolution, Show Customer Name, Show Customer Points, Show Clerk Name, Show Stock Notes, Show Rewards Progress, Hide Item Prices, Bottom Message, Company Logo, set Seconds Between Graphics, Stretch Graphics to Fit screen.

It is possible to play a video as well

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