Since 2006, we have been providing cutting-edge IT solutions for the hospitality and retail sectors. Our point-of-sale expertise has helped hundreds of hotels, restaurants, bars, cafés and stores to reduce costs and boost sales.

Sorento Systems solutions include sophisticated software, premium quality hardware, third party system integration, extensive consulting and reliable ongoing support. We leave no stone unturned in our mission to maximise every business’s capabilities. Time and time again, we have developed strong working relationships with our clients, assisting them to discover a world of difference, in terms of their working environment, process optimisation and overall productivity.

Employment with Sorento Systems is competitive, as our recruitment standards are incredibly high. All of our staff members are POS experts with extensive experience in IT and the hospitality industry. In addition, they hold outstanding tertiary qualifications in IT, business or both.

Our Objectives

We aim to:

  • Deliver quality point of sale solutions to meet each and every client’s specific needs.
  • Assist each and every client in process optimisation, reducing costs, boosting sales and increasing productivity.
  • Support each and every client to grow their business, leading to reliable profits and new opportunities.
  • Moderately expand Sorento Systems within the Australian market through the provision of easy-to-navigate, reliable software; premium quality hardware; expert service; invaluable consultation; extensive customer support; and competitive pricing.