We have a range of POS solutions for Groceries/Deli/Supermarkets, as we know the needs and requirements of this type of businesses. The software makes it easy and fast for your employees to process an order while avoiding mistakes and meeting customers’ preferences. Our Scales, Barcode Scanning and Labels makers are top of the line hardware. You can set Stock Alerts for every item in your business and manage your Easy-Made Stock take with your iPhone. In addition, you can automatically generate a Purchase Order from your phone when you done the stock take. Easy!

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We have a various models of scales to measure the weight of products and translate that weight into a quantity. The price per kilo/lb is entered against the stock item, and when the button is pressed on the POS terminal, the weight is retrieved from the scale and the price is calculated.

Barcode Scanning

Barcodes are used for the fast entry of stock items using a barcode scanner or for Stocktake with the use of a PDE. Scanning can also be used with Customers for Bar Tabs, Accounts and Memberships. They are also available for use on Clerks, Gift Vouchers, Credit Notes, Receipts and Labels Prints.


With our systems you can create labels that can be printed out onto various mediums for use with barcode scanners. Stock Items can be printed using our labels, and Customers labels can be printed using other formats, most commonly using Avery Design Pro. Labels can be printed to default or selected A4 printers, or printed to a continuous label printer.

Quick and Easy Ordering

Our software is used in hundreds of quick service outlets due to its speed of operation and flexibility in menu design. If you are a Café, Bar, Takeaway Shop, Drive Thru or Mobile Food Van, our system will work for you. We can advise and assist you with how to configure your system to suit your needs, optimizing the ordering process rather than you changing your operation to suit the POS System.

Schedule Reports

Schedules Module allow you to set up specific reports that can then be printed or emailed at set times and recurrences. You can create as many schedules as required, each with their own schedule settings. Any report that can be printed and can be added to the schedule reports feature. When selecting a report, you can choose any of the sorting and grouping options that are stored and used when the schedule is run. Other configuration options can be set including the run time interval, email address and email message. Multiple reports can be attached to a single email schedule.


Alerts allow you to be notified by email when different types of transactions are triggered. Some of the functions that you are able to use are: No Sales, Void Entire Sales, Voids, Stock Items and Customers. You are able to setup conditions for each different alert you want to create.


We support several two-way interfaces to EFTPOS Terminals for Australia. By connecting your EFTPOS to your Point of Sale System, you help eliminate operator error by sending the sale and cash out amount to the EFTPOS terminal. The EFTPOS terminal will connect to the bank and upon approval will return an approval response so that the operator is able to finalise the sale.

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